20 Male Masturbation Techniques To Try

by ap luxury toys on Feb 22, 2021

20 Male Masturbation Techniques To Try - Ap Luxury Toys


Masturbation is a great way of relieving stress and becoming relaxed. Research also says that it helps people to sleep better.

But are you bored with the same old routine while masturbating? Do you wish to try something new to spice up your masturbation life? Then allow us to present you with 20 male masturbation techniques which you can try.

20 Male Masturbation Techniques

1.      Prostate Play

Many of you might not know but the prostate is located a couple of inches inside your butthole which can give you extreme orgasms without even you needing to touch your penis. To stimulate it, either you can use your fingers or a proper sex toy.

2.      Use a fleshlight

Nothing beats the good old fleshlight. Don’t know what it is? Allow us to explain. It is kind of an artificial pussy that you can masturbate with. It gets even better. You can use lube and make it feel even more realistic.

3.      Fun with a cock ring

Cock rings will help you last longer during masturbation. This will allow you to build intense orgasms which will simply blow your mind. They keep the blood inside the penis once it gets erect and hence, your erection lasts longer.

4.      Froggy style

Sit down like a frog (we do mean it) and then jack off. We know that it will be difficult. For those who have trouble with this position, take the support of a wall for resting your back. The orgasms which one can gets with this position can be intense.

5.      Simulating a BJ

Yes, you can do this. Sensually blow your dick while making the OK sign. Try to not do it fast but try to think of an actual blowjob.

6.      Kneeling is feeling

Another position in which you can try to masturbate. Kneel down and then wank like anything. You can thank us later though.

7.      Slowing things down a bit

Movies and other forms of entertainment have created a stereotype that you should jack off fast. Nope, try doing it slowly too. It's a completely different experience which you are depriving yourself of.

8.      Use the other hand

Like it or not we use just one particular hand for masturbating. Using the other one will improve your pleasure.

9.      Keep your eyes closed

Try to get a feel of the whole act of masturbating. Might sound philosophical but it is worth the try. Remember, it isn’t about the orgasm, but about the journey to achieving it.

10. Involve ice

Using ice cube while having sex may sound cringy but it can help improve your masturbating experience a lot.

11. Pumping the pillow

Take your pillow and place it on your mattress and then insert your penis in between them to pump them. Pretty basic, isn’t it?

12. Touch the tip

Most of us simply grip our dicks but forget that the tip matters too. Apply a drop of lube and try to rub your tip too while wanking.

13. Doing it in the shower

Have you tried this? If not, then please do. For sure it will save cleaning effort but the water droplets give things a completely different feeling.

14. Use both hands

If you already thought about doing this or have done it before? Congratulations. For those who haven’t, what are you waiting for?

15. Balls matter too

Many think that pumping the ‘shaft’ is the way to go but studies have shown that stimulating the balls is vital as well. Try to grab them and tickle them if possible.

16. Back to the basics: Edging

It’s a very basic masturbation technique which is in practice since times unknown. All you need to do is get to the point just before you are about to cum and wait for a bit. Then again start masturbating and then do the same. But be careful, don’t keep doing this for hours.

17. Lube matters

If you don’t use lube and haven’t done so till now, you have no idea what you are missing. Lube gives a more natural feel as in actual sex, the wetness of the woman’s pussy acts as a lube.

18. Fucking your mattress

This will work properly if your mattress is soft and fluffy. Simply lie with your back turned up and try to hump your mattress with your erect penis. This will give a different feeling to you. But remember to close your window curtains.

19. Using your imagination

Many today simply use porn or sex stories to jack off. Try using your imagination too. This will keep you protected from disorders like erectile dysfunction.

20. Doing it with your boxers

Try to masturbate while having your boxers on. Hold your dick from outside it and rub it. We promise you won’t regret doing this.

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