5 Original Ways to Use Sex Toys to Maximise Your

by ap luxury toys on Apr 02, 2021

5 Original Ways to Use Sex Toys to Maximise Your - Ap Luxury Toys

During masturbation or sex, most people love to use sex toys because they are the best initiatives for more pleasure. Most people think that sex toys are for those people who are alone, but in reality, couples can use them in order to enhance the feelings in them. These sex toys are best to make your relation strong enough to lead a happy life forever. If you want to have an early orgasm, you can either masturbate or use different stylish sex toys which are best for use in private areas. If you feel alone and your partner is out of town, you can satisfy your desires by using sex toys. There are many ways to use sex toys to maximise your pleasure. All you need to learn is the basic instructions before using them because if you miss any step, you won’t be able to use them properly. So, for proper usage, always need to learn steps and follow them correctly.

  1. Lie Down With Open Legs

If you are the one who wants to use the sex toy alone in the room, try to make the proper adjustment of your position. Lie down on your bed and lock the room as you need to use the sex toy of penis shape inside your vagina. Wide-open your legs and enter the penile shape sex toy inside your vagina. Make sure that your legs are wide open because if you don’t open the legs widely, you can’t enjoy the orgasm and this won’t make your efforts fruitful. So, always make a proper position and on the switch at the proper time if you want more pleasure.

  1. Strap-on Squat

If you and your partner love to maximise the pleasure of sexual activities with sex toys, use the strap on the squat position because this is the best way to use the sex toys. It is the perfect option for couples where one can grab a dildo and enter it from the behind of the lover. If you are using the penis shape sex toys, ask your partner for such a position and enter the toy which helps to give more pleasure. A strap-on dildo is the best option.

  1. Lubricate During Masturbation

 If you are using finger vibrators for your vagina, it is mandatory to lubricate your vagina so that you don’t need a harsh thing on it. The vagina is sensitive so always have a lubricant with you during masturbation and sex toys usage. First of all, strap the trembling toys on your middle or first finger or which finger you want you can strap. Trace these sex toys or vibrators on your vagina, this will enhance your orgasm as well as pleasure and you will feel awesome during the usage. Feel free to adjust on your fingers so that there are no chances of bacterial infection in your vagina and you can enjoy more pleasure.

  1. Insert Penis in Cage Tube

Cock cages are best to give more pleasure because when you use these sex toys, the blood starts flowing in your penile area and you can get the ejaculation that gives the best feeling. To use the cock cages, you need to secure a perfect ring around the testicles while your penis is inserted into the tube of the cage. Determine your key holder along with bolting up your member. This is the right way to use this sex toy and the most interesting thing is that you can use it in public but you need to learn the proper instructions of usage. Always apply the lubricants near the area of the penis in order to avoid chafing.

  1. Start Slowly and Increase Intensity

If you want to give more pleasure, always learn to start slowly because if you want to do anal sex, it is mandatory to start the usage of sex toy slowly in the anus and increase the intensity accordingly. The intensity must be as fast as you want because more intensity means more pleasure and if you want to increase more pleasure, always choose the best toy for your anus. It is necessary to trim the nails before usage because you can get germs in your area of usage. Never be harsh with your private areas, always start with the slow process and if you think that you are getting more pleasure, increase the intensity. Use them for a long duration until you get the proper ejaculation and this relaxes your mind fully.

You can use the doggy style, straddle, facedown, and many other styles while you are using the different sex toys to enjoy the time of pleasure. After you are done with your pleasure time, ensure to wash all your toys and hands with warm water and antibacterial soap so that you won’t get in trouble in the future. Let your toys air-dry and place them in the secure area in order to use them again.


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