5 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Squirting

by ap luxury toys on Feb 19, 2021

5 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Squirting - Ap Luxury Toys


Most of us have got to know about squirting thanks to the porn industry and porn stars. But there are things of course which you still might not be knowing about squirting. This article will be talking about five such things related to squirting. We do know that there can be more things too which you should be knowing about but we have decided to highlight the most important five here.

So, without any further ado, let us begin.

You can squirt without the assistance of anyone

Yes. Many have this misconception in their minds that only while having actual sex with a partner, one can squirt. But this is just one of the many myths which are prevalent about squirting. You can make yourself squirt by masturbation too.

Using sex toys while masturbating will improve your chances of doing so. There are many of them which you can use. A dildo and a vibrator are just a few to name. We would however recommend using a dildo. The reason for it will get clear in the upcoming points.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t squirt with the help of a vibrator. Women have reportedly squirted using them too.

You might be restricting yourself from squirting

Yep. The problem is that some women think of squirting as a myth and think that they should be controlling themselves while having sex. This unnecessary burdening on oneself leads to complications which can prevent a proper orgasm. What one needs to do is to let go of worries and focus solely on sex.

Letting go of things and unnecessary tension is what will make your sex life great and help you squirt. There is nothing to be ashamed about it. If required, talk and communicate with your partner. Convey it to him that you won’t be restricting yourself from enjoying yourself while having sex.

Mostly happens due to G-spot stimulation

This is why we recommended using a dildo as compared to a vibrator. The G=spot is 2 or 3 inches inside the vaginal opening and a vibrator meanwhile is meant for stimulating only the clitoris. Although, you can experience squirting from a vibrator too.

The best thing to do is to try both dildo and a vibrator and see which of these two can help you squirt better. G-spot stimulation’s role means that you also need the help of your partner if you want to achieve it during sex.

Finding the G-spot is a challenge but it is not as difficult as many think it to be. Once you and your partner find a way to stimulate your G-spot, the rest is just easy.

There is a chance you can pee

There is a very high chance that you might urinate while squirting because after all squirt is female ejaculation. Though as you will get to know in the next point, squirt by itself isn’t pee. There is no need to be ashamed of it.

Keep some tissues or towels handy just in case. But please don’t inhibit yourself from squirting just because there can be a chance of some pee coming out. Squirting is a must-have sexual experience which every woman deserves to have.

Again, communication with your partner becomes important. Most men understand this and don’t mind their partner peeing at the same time as they are squirting.

But it is not pee

Porn tried to use squirting as a means to increase its popularity amongst the people but ended up indirectly promoting that squirt is pee. But this is not the case. The liquid which comes out as squirt is actually what the female prostate glands secrete.

There are no similarities between pee and squirt whatsoever.Although both come out from the female urethra.Many expert medical professionals and doctors have clarified on this issue time and again.


So, these were the five things about squirting which you might not have known about. Do let us know in the comments section about which new things you learned about squirting from this post. Also, if you think that are some other things which should be included in this article, drop them too and we will verify before adding them.

Remember, squirting is a natural process and there is no need to be ashamed of oneself about it. Enjoy squirting and we would again like to say that single women too can squirt with the help of sex toys. Consider trying them if you want.

Also, every woman is unique in herself. Hence, the best way of squirting can only be found by experimenting and trying things. This is true for all things which are related to sex. Those who don’t experiment, miss out on the best of things. We would like to wish you luck and we hope that you soon achieve an amazing squirting orgasm.

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