Are Anal Toys Really Worth It?

by ap luxury toys on Sep 10, 2021

Are Anal Toys Really Worth It? - Ap Luxury Toys

Why All Men Need An Anal Toy!

Want to make sure you’re healthy in the bedroom department? Then consider investing in a prostate massager. It’s like an orgasmic gift that keeps on giving!

Elle Black, the owner of ApLuxuryToys in New York City says that people are still apprehensive about putting things into their bottom. She also mentions to not forget Anal lube when doing so because it helps with comfort and prevents injury or pain during anal penetration.

It is good advice for anyone about to try a prostate massager the first time.

As we discuss the male sex toy industry, she offers advice on how prostate massagers have seen a huge increase in sales and why men should be buying them. However, there's still one question that remains unanswered: How do you persuade heterosexual men to penetrate themselves for sexual pleasure?

Men are increasingly open to the idea of couples' sex toys. Although men in their 20s are more likely to buy them, Anal Toys prove less popular.

Men see themselves as being much less interested in using a couple's vibrator compared with women, but it seems that they've become comfortable enough after time and now half of all purchases for these kind sex toy items come from men between the age range of 18-30 years old according to Black who is owner at ApLuxuryToys in Ohio says "It’s about 50/50". This shows how male interest has risen over recent times even though there were very few options available around five years ago when this research took place.

Interest in anal toys has increased because people are beginning to view them as tools for sexual health. They have started losing their social stigma, especially since they can be used to improve one's sex life along with being beneficial for other reasons too.

While false, understanding the prostate can help understand why massaging it is beneficial. The male version of a G-spot, the P-Spot (or as some might say “Prostate”) is located directly behind your bladder and secretes fluid that nourishes sperm cells when released during ejaculation. This gland becomes clogged with bacteria if not cleaned regularly which could lead to pain or swelling down there later in life!

Regular prostate massage has many benefits, including a reduced risk of prostate cancer, genital pain/prostatitis, loss of erections/ejaculatory problems and frequent night-time urination. It also increases the intensity of ejaculation in men while heightening their sexual experiences with their partners.

The Plush Egg is a small, egg-shaped toy that can slip inside you without much discomfort. However, what I did feel was the gentle vibration on my perineum which felt amazing! There are seven different settings, so it feels like no two experiences were alike and there's something for everyone.

We tested out different ways of using the toy and found that it was most gratifying during oral sex.

We flew solo, using it to masturbate, and we tried while receiving oral sex. The second approach was hands down (and breath held), the most intense orgasm we'd ever had.

My partner was comfortable with the new additions to foreplay and found our heightened pleasure extremely arousing.

All men hate missing out, right?So, give it a go! Because what is mind-blowing doesn't come around often.

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