“Dangerous Sex Toy Materials 101”

by ap luxury toys on Mar 09, 2021

“Dangerous Sex Toy Materials 101” - Ap Luxury Toys

The human body is created to bring pleasure from positive emotions as well as sex. Sexual activity makes the human mind free from stress and the best way to enjoy the sexual period is to play with sex toys and enhance more pleasure. If you are alone and want to feel the sexual life, sex toys are the perfect solution for you. The most amazing thing about these sex toys is that they are flexible and you can use them anywhere and anytime. You feel no issue while using them as they are made according to your desire. The manufacturing industry of sex toys is growing fast and now you can purchase the toys in different shapes and materials. All the sexual products are now available in the market and it is your choice which product you need to purchase. The dangerous sex toy materials are not good for health and before purchasing them, try to have some knowledge regarding the material.

  • Polystyrene

Polystyrene is a plastic polymer that takes most of the forms including plastic cups, DVD as well as Styrofoam cases. It is a fact that polystyrene is inflammable and made from benzene so it is dangerous material for your health.

  • PVC

Another name given to PVC is vinyl and it is the most common base ingredient which is used to make sex toys for you to enjoy pleasure time. But before purchasing the sex toys of this material, keep in mind the harmful effects as the material is hard enough to cause effects. It is made up of cheap plastic and made from chlorine and carbon. So, this is thought to be dangerous material to use in the private parts in order to enhance the feelings of pleasure.

  • Polyethylene

Polyethylene is the plastic which is used to make different things including grocery bags as well as plastic bottles. In order to form an elastomer, chlorinated polyethylene is used and hence, those sex toys which are made up of this type of material are long-lasting but toxic for health as well. 

  • Latex 

It is a fact that the latex always comes from trees and it is the type of rubber which is used by many people around the globe. In the inflatable dildos, latex is used. The most interesting thing is that the oil from the human body breaks the toys when the time is over and hence, these toys won’t last for so long. You can get an allergic reaction while using the sex toy with this material. It is a fact, latex makes the toys extra soft but if you suffer from the allergy then it is necessary for you to use the safe sex toys rather than the toys made from the latex material because the latex allergy is life-threatening.

  • Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene

Styrene-butadiene-styrene is also the material used in sex toys. SBS is typically used to make different types of electric wires and it is soft as well. But long-term use of the sex toy with this material can be toxic for your health as it is hard to absorb. 

  • Phthalates 

It is a fact that bad plasticizers are toxic and the sex toys made from such plasticizers are harmful to health. Phthalate is one of them and they are dangerous. Phthalates are thought to cause rodent's death as well as many birth defects in the children. They are absorbed basically through the skin or orally including the genital tissue. If you are using the sex toys which are made up of phthalates, you might get the feeling of burning sensations because they are a hard material and can’t bear by people.

  • Porous Material

The porous materials can be dangerous if you use them for a long time. It is common fact that when you use the sex toys with porous material for so long, harmful microorganisms, mold as well as bacteria get interrupted in the body which destroys the area of the usage. If you try to do the sanitization of this toy to avoid germs or bacteria, the organism can even grow after sanitization.

  • Glass Material

The sex toys made up of glass materials are not safe to use inside the vagina as well as on the penile area. This is due to the breakage of the glass inside the area of the usage. When you use the glass material, there is always a risk of breaking and thus, it is necessary to avoid those glass dildos which are typically coated with the mysterious varnish. As you don’t have the knowledge of this material, so never try to purchase it and harm your body by using it again and again. The battery-operated sex toys are unsafe to use because they can easily cause electric shock and they can easily get breakage during usage. 

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