Female Ejaculation 101: Everything You Need to Know

by ap luxury toys on Mar 16, 2021

Female Ejaculation 101: Everything You Need to Know - Ap Luxury Toys

Female ejaculation occurs when the urethra in females expels the fluid during sexual activity. It can occur when the women become sexually aroused. The urethra is that tube that allows the urine to pass from the females’ body. Female ejaculation is actually thicker which is white in color and it resembles dilute milk.

  • Ejaculation Fluid

Ejaculation fluid comes from the female's prostate or the glands named Skene’s glands. They are actually located on the vaginal front wall that surrounds the urethra. They have the opening that helps to release the ejaculate in the female’s vagina. These glands help to increase the number of those openings which are along the urethra so that the large fluid secretion can be accommodated.

  • Female Ejaculation and Urine

Most people thing that ejaculation in female is urine. Female ejaculation is not urine. Ejaculation in females is the prostate enzyme. This fluid is released when the squirting dilutes the urine with ejaculation. 

  • Female Ejaculation and Squirting

Squirting and female ejaculation are two different things. Squirting is the gushing fluid which is more common than the female ejaculation but the fluid which is released during squirting is water down having a bit of ejaculate in this. It actually comes from the female’s bladder exit through the urethra.

  • Composition of Ejaculate

The composition of ejaculate includes creatinine and urea, and they are the urine components. But it does not mean that urine is the same as ejaculate, they are totally different from each other. Though they have some similarities but they are not the same.

  • Ejaculate Release in Females

It is estimated that the ejaculate release in females ranges from 0.3 mL to approximately 150 mL which is actually more than half glass cup.

  • Females Feeling After Ejaculation

It is a fact that the human brain is the sexual organ and all feelings come from it. When the females ejaculate, their minds relax and they have lovely feelings. True ejaculation occurs with the orgasm. When the females arouse during the sexual activity, they ejaculate, and thus, the intensity depends on the position or technique of the activity.

  • Taste of Female Ejaculation

According to one study, the female ejaculate is the tasty and sweet fluid which when lick by the males, they never stop licking it and love to lick the tasty vaginal fluid.

  • Smell of Female Ejaculation with Urine

Few people mix the smell of urine with the smell of ejaculate but in reality, female ejaculate does not appear to have any smell like urine.

  • Every Female Ejaculate

Yes, it is a fact that every female around the globe ejaculate and it is a natural phenomenon, when the females are sexually aroused, they ejaculate the whitish fluid and thus, this relaxes their body and makes them feel easy. 

Benefits of Female Ejaculation

The female ejaculation is normal. Most people think that it is not good to ejaculate and they eat different things to stop it. It is harmful to stop this ejaculation because when you ejaculate, this helps to calm the mind. Female ejaculation draws away many tensions from the mind and thus, it is very helpful to make a strong relationship with the partner. It is an interesting fact that during orgasm, the female’s body releases those hormones which are pain-relieving, and thus, these hormones help to release leg pain, back pain, menstrual cramps as well as headaches. The females have a restful sleep after the orgasm or ejaculation because of the hormones released during the sexual activity.

When the ejaculation occurs, the immune system in the human body boost up and thus, the blood pressure lowers down. In this way, it helps to relieve the stress from the mind. In order to enhance the pleasure, it is best to engage in sexual activities and ejaculate timely so that you may stay away from many tensions and enjoy your relationship with the partner rather than spoil it. If you want to self-stimulate, you can do it as well because it also gives you perfect feelings if you involve in self-stimulation and ejaculate properly. Hence there are many health benefits of ejaculating and those who ejaculate after two days can enjoy a stress-free life with the partner.

It is mandatory for females to enjoy the sexual ride with the partner and ejaculate fully for a better life. This makes their relationship strong with the partner. It is fact that the experience of ejaculation in females varies. Just enjoy, relax and try different techniques because different positions enhance the feelings. The female ejaculation contains cells and bacteria which are the basic parts of the self-cleaning function of the females’ vagina. The ejaculate reduces the friction during the physical intimacy and this helps to make the penetration in the body more comfortable.

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