How to Clean and Store Your Sex Toys

by ap luxury toys on Apr 14, 2021

How to Clean and Store Your Sex Toys - Ap Luxury Toys

In order to avoid the transmission of bacterial infection in human beings, it is necessary to do the proper cleaning of all sex toys at home so that you don’t get a risk of any kind of sexually transmitted infections. If you don’t clean these toys properly, you can also get the risk of scabies as well as hepatitis. For the maintenance of these sex toys, you should store them at a secure place at home so that you won’t get into any trouble for the again usage of these toys. You can either select your cupboard or the side tables for the storage of these toys. Before using these sex toys during bedtime, it is mandatory to keep all the instructions in mind. Follow all the instructions written inside the instruction paper so that you don’t get any difficulty during cleaning. 

  • Cleaning Sex Toys

If you think that cleaning sex toys require too much time, you can take the help of experts to clean but it is good to clean them with your hands so that you should know the proper purpose of cleaning. It is necessary to know the proper procedure of how to clean and store your sex toys at home. There are different types and styles of sex toys and the cleaning is different for different materials. If your toy is battery-operated, you should remove the battery of the toy before cleaning. Keep in mind that electrical components should never be submerged in water. The sex electrical toys must be clean with the anti-bacterial soap in order to avoid all the germs because if you don’t clean the toy and use it again, at the same time there are chances of getting the germs in the vagina or penis and these germs can cause infection.

Keep in mind that soap and water should be used for the cleaning and don’t clean the sex toys at high temperature. The moderate temperature is perfect for cleaning and it is good to soak the toys in mildly warm water for about 15 minutes so that all the germs wash out during the time. If your sex toys are made up of stainless steel, use the bleach water and soak them for 10 minutes or you can easily use the dishwater for cleaning purpose. Few toys are so soft that you don’t need to boil them or use warm water. Before cleaning sex toys, ensure that you have read the material of the toys and all the steps of cleaning the toys must be kept in mind during the whole procedure.

The sex toys are made up of porous and non-porous materials. The cleaning of these materials is different so purchase those sex toys which are easy to clean and you can clean them after usage and even before usage. Make sure that you have warm water, mild temperature, anti-bacterial soap, damp cloth and bleaching powder during the process of cleaning. Always check all these items and if anything is missing, go to purchase it first before starting the process. 

  • Storing Sex Toys

Before putting away the sex toys, make sure that it is dry and clean. It is a fact that when you store a sex toy that is wet or dirty, it causes bacteria and you might get skin irritation with that. You can use a high-quality storage box to keep the sex toys safe and secure. Make sure you have purchased the high-quality. Another good option to store them is to use the best material storage bag. This storage bag is easy to carry and the most interesting thing is that you can easily hold it in your hand and can go with it wherever you need to go and just open the bag and use the sex toy. They are the best ways to go. Bags always offer flexibility for accommodating those toys which are odd-shaped. 

If you want to invest your money in storing a large number of sex toys, then you can make furniture for these toys or they are available in the market such as ottomans and lidded benches are the smart choice for many people who love to use sex toys and want to improve the sexual relationship with the partner. By using this way, you not only store your all sex toys but you can get enough space. You can easily store the oversized and bulky things in these along with sex toys.

Whether you have got a special glass sex toy or a mess of metal sex toys, the only thing to protect your investment is to make sure you keep these sex toys in a clean as well as a dedicated place where no dirt gets interrupted. Let all your sex toys air dry and store them in a clean counter or waterproof bag. 

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