How to Please Your Partner With 6 Inches?

by ap luxury toys on Feb 05, 2021

How to Please Your Partner With 6 Inches? - Ap Luxury Toys



It is a common misconception that one needs to have a 9 inch or so penis to pleasure one’s partner properly. It might be effective up to a certain extent but there are a lot of other things that matter too. So, in this post, we will be explaining to you regarding how to please your partner with 6 inches.

So, here we go!

-         Try including some sex toys

Including sex toys in your sex life can greatly helping you in pleasing your partner. Toys like a vibrator and a dildo can for sure enhance her pleasure as they have their own mechanism of giving pleasure. Vibrators especially work a lot because they can be used on the clitoris which has the maximum number of nerve endings that are responsible for getting an orgasm.

You can include these toys in the foreplay as a build-up for the actual sex. If you wish to further spice things up, then consider anal toys too. They too will help you a lot in pleasing your partner.

-         Perform foreplay properly

Yes, you read it right. Foreplay too is important for having great sex. Many ignore it thinking it isn’t that important for pleasing a woman. But they are wrong. Foreplay is where the build-up to actual sex happens. Try to have sensual foreplay which involves some teasing, dirty talk and kissing.

This can affect you positively a lot in terms of the quality of your sex life. Remember, it is all about the tension that you are able to build before having sex.

-         Try these sex positions

Yes, there are particular sex positions as well which sex experts recommend to those who have moderate penis size. We would like to name a few here so that you can try it.

-          Doggy Style

-          Cowgirl

-          The Piledriver

-          Face-off

Though these are some of the recommended sex positions, you can experiment on your own and come up with your own positions too. Experimenting too is a healthy way of improving your sex life. Also, there might be other positions too which might work for you but not for others. The key to finding out about this properly is experimenting.

-         Focus on cunnilingus too

Another important game-changing factor for those who have less than average size penis. Many guys think that they are doing oral sex right on their partner but in the maximum of the cases, they are actually doing it all wrong. And their partners too don’t talk about this out of hesitancy.

This is where communication becomes important. Firstly, who don’t perform oral on their partner need to. Because penetration is only part of the process of females getting close to their sexual orgasm. It’s the clitoris which has the greatest amount of importance and one of the ways to stimulate it is oral sex.

Try to ask your partner about what you are doing wrong or what can you do better. She for sure will be more than happy to guide you through. It all comes down to how much mutual respect and understanding you have as a couple.

-         Try doing role play

This too is a great way of spicing things up and increasing pleasure for her. Some among you might be thinking of it as something lame but trust us, it does work for couples and enhances their sexual experiences. And this is one of the many ways in which someone with a small-sized penis can spice up his sex life.Though communication is key in this case as well. Always have a safe word in case things go wrong.

-         Try to be more intimate

Intimacy too greatly affects the quality of one’s sex life since sex by itself is the most intimate one can get with someone. And intimacy doesn’t just involve having sex, it involves things like how you talk with her, how you compliment her,how you tease her etc. Things like these might sound minor, but they do pile up and decide about how intimate you actually are with her.

Surprise gifts, dinner dates are a few other ways with which you can become more intimate with her. Doing these things will connect you with her on a personal level and you will start having mind-blowing sex with one another even if you somewhat shorter penis.


Hence, it can be concluded that one doesn’t need to get disappointed if one has somewhat a shorter penis than others. There are many ways other than what we mentioned above using which you can compensate for the lack in size.

Pleasing your partner is an art and you can only master it by practising, experimenting and striving to succeed. Feel free to drop some techniques which you have tried and which have worked for you in the comments section.

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