Science-Backed Ways to Increase Intimacy with Your Partner

by ap luxury toys on Apr 09, 2021

Science-Backed Ways to Increase Intimacy with Your Partner - Ap Luxury Toys

Without physical intimacy, the relationship between partners becomes weak and thus, they can’t enjoy the sexual activities to the fullest. There are many science-backed ways to increase intimacy with your partner. Nowadays, people are stuck in different things like stress, work, kid’s responsibilities, etc. Due to this, they can’t give time to the partner on the bed which is not good for a perfect relationship. When you do sexual activities with your partner, this makes him satisfied and relaxes the mind. In order to relax the mind, try to follow all the basic instructions regarding the science-backed ways. When you do sex with your partner, you will notice that his mood and your mood become good the next day. This is because of the fact that your inner satisfaction is very important and all this can happen when you involve your partner during the period of physical intimacy.

  • Seduction

Seduction is the best way to increase intimacy with the partner. The element of surprise makes your partner feel happy and thus, you can use the power of seduction to surprise your partner and let him feel arousal. Seduce your partner by putting your clothes up or becoming closer to your partner. When you open up your bra to a little bit, your partner can become seduce, this increases his intimacy level and thus, you can now ask him for sexy activities so that you and he can become sexually satisfied. Seduction is the best powerful way to increase the sexual desire in your partner.

  • Try Something New

If you have a creative mind, you can try something new on a daily basis so that your partner can see your activities and enjoy them. This compels him to do sexual activities with you. Try to tease him in your own way. Like you can use your hands and slowly move them on his body. You can open the buttons of his shirt. This is the best way to provoke his feelings and seduce him as much as you can. Ask him to kiss deeply so that the passion becomes more and you both can do all things passionately.

  • Focus On Good Memories

If you are trying to increase the intimacy in your partner, you can easily reminisce the good times you both have shared. Even if you have shared the best bedtime, you can start cherishing the memories in front of him. Try to focus on the romantic part of the beautiful memories so that this provokes your partner to do it again. In order to deepen the period of intimacy, always try to share positive memories with your partner.

  • Touch More 

During the physical contact with your partner, it is necessary to touch more and more so that your partner loves every silent touch on the body. It is thought that touch is the perfect component of a healthy relation. Try to touch your loved one affectionately and this increases the intimacy in your partner. This increases the hormone level in the partner and thus, you can easily seduce him for sexual activities in bed. 

  • Stay Connected Whole Day

If you want to increase intimacy in your partner, it is necessary to stay connected with him. Nowadays, mobile phones are best to keep you active and connected with your partner. Text your partner and write about the day without him. Always use lovely words in the text so that he loves to come early and satisfy you with romance. Share your experience whether good or bad. Discuss all things besides house chores or kids. When your partner feels a strong connection, this will definitely increase the intimacy in him.

  • Select Time for Romantic Conversation

It is best if you are punctual and want to make the best time for a romantic conversation with you. Select the time, the nighttime is best, and asks your partner to sit at this time with you so that you both can talk romantic and enjoy the time with each other. It is best to select a time between 8 pm to 9 pm because it is relaxing for you both and you can talk while sitting in the safest corner of your home. While doing the romantic talks, you will realize the level of intimacy in the partner becomes increase and thus, you both can enjoy each other’s company apart from other tensions of the world.

If you are the one who needs to increase intimacy in the partner, always try to do something new and big so that your partner enjoys your every act and this compels him to involve in the romantic activities with you. This makes your relation strong enough to lead a beautiful romantic life forever. Encourage your partner to become more expressive so that you will have intimate contact with him. Always try to support your partner.

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