“The Ultimate Guide to Giving Good Oral Sex to a Woman”

by ap luxury toys on Apr 06, 2021

“The Ultimate Guide to Giving Good Oral Sex to a Woman” - Ap Luxury Toys

In order to stimulate the anus or genitals of the partners, you need to use the tongue or your mouth and this is oral sex. Oral sex is the pleasurable part of life and most people love to do it when they go to bed. There are different ways to do oral sex with your partner. Before doing the sex, you can do oral sex so that if your partner becomes arouse during oral sex, it is easy for you to do sex with the wet penis. There are many ways to stimulate, lick as well as suck your partner. Oral sex is essential in making the partner's relationship deep and strong. To experience the climax, clitoral stimulation is necessary for women rather than intercourse. So, it is mandatory to do oral sex with a female which is the best erotic alternative. If you want to give good oral sex to a woman, you need ultimate guidance. 

  • Communicate Slowly

Start the oral sex with communication. Slow down the volume of your voice. It is a fact that when you talk in slow volume, this makes your voice sexy, and thus, your woman enjoys being with you on the bed. Communicate slowly and always try to listen to what woman demands. If she wants you to lick or suck the nipples, then do immediately and never ignore it. Suck the nipples as long as she needs because when you touch the breast or nipples, this arouses the feelings of the woman. Listen to the breath of your partner, it will go fast as she stimulates, and this means that you are satisfying her demands to the fullest.

  • Open Bra Slowly

The breast of the woman is the hot thing that attracts the males. If you are male and want to do oral sex with your woman, open the bra of your woman slowly so that she feels sexy and you also feel hot while doing so. After doing so, look at the boobs and enjoy with them. Play with them and suck the nipples of your woman if she asks you to do so.

  • Lick Vagina

If you feel that the vagina of your woman becomes wet, to give her more satisfaction, go to lick her vagina and lick slowly. With the passage of time, start the process fast, when you lick fast, this will enhance the desire in a woman and she would love to ask for more and more. Watch her during licking, even observe her every action and expression so that you should know that she is enjoying your sexy acts.

  • Directly Seen in Her Eyes

When you are doing oral sex with your partner, it is good to see in her eyes directly so that you should know what more she wants and what is the best way to make her happy. Ask her to see you as well and tell you about likings and disliking. 

  • Rub Her Vagina

After sucking and licking the private parts of your woman, you can slowly start the rubbing process. Rub the vagina with your fingers, this makes your female hot and she might have a desire to do sex now. If she wants you to do sex, ask her to wait for the fluid to come out, then start sex so that your partner gets enough satisfaction. It is a fact that these sexy activities relax the mind of both, so it is necessary to enjoy the physical activities fully.

  • Use Lube

You can use different lubes in the vagina of your partner if you want to increase the wetness in the vagina. When the vagina becomes wet, the muscles of the vagina become relax and the partner can easily do sex after that. So, to make sure that your partner is enjoying the oral sex, you can use lubricant on her vagina and even you can lubricate your penis as well so that you both won’t get into any trouble during the hot activities on the bed.

  • Always Listen to Her

During oral sex, it is mandatory to listen to your partner. Whatever your partner is demanding, try to fulfill her demand because oral sex is all about voice and listening to the partners. Always do an open conversation with your partner about what you want to do and what you like to do and ask your partner how it is going with her. This is the best way to lead a successful happy oral sex with a woman.

In order to build perfect sexual attention during oral sex, always remember that a sexy fixed gaze is a powerful way to your partner’s heart. Relax, lie back as well as receive, and give pleasure to your partner as much as you can so that there will be a happy ending to the lovely sexy night.

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