Urethral Sounding |A Guide to This Extreme Fetish

by ap luxury toys on Feb 26, 2021

Urethral Sounding |A Guide to This Extreme Fetish - Ap Luxury Toys


Urethral sounding isn’t something for a faint-hearted person. Yes, it is a fetish that involves the urethra. Though it is somewhat extreme, we believe it is vital to discuss it in detail for better understanding.

It involves inserting a probe like a thing in your pee-hole and then pleasuring yourself with that. What is the fun in it?One may ask. The thing is, the inside wall of your urethra also has nerve endings responsible for pleasure. These ‘vibrators’ stimulate them and well, you can guess the rest.

Note: This can be done by both men and women.

It is the popularity of these fringe sex-toys that has made fetishes like this more popular than ever before.

Also, porn too has made its contribution to the whole scenario. Add the factor of results of scientific research about the locations of pleasure-giving nerve endings and voila, you get practices like urethral sounding.

For those who like to do something which makes you feel as if you are on the edge, the urethral sounding is a must-try thing.

What can be used for urethral sounding?

Here are some of the things that can be used for urethral sounding.

Urethral Sounds

These are tiny stainless-steel rods that can be inserted into the urethra. Also, they are somewhat heavy since they are designed to slide down easily without the need to push them. These are the most popular toys which are used for urethral sounding. The fetish gets its name from them.

Sperm Stoppers

They are what their name suggests. They are inserted inside the pee hole to stop men from cumming. These are recommended for those men who are submissive and are into BDSM.

Plugs for Penis

Just like butt plugs, penis plugs are to plug in your urethra. Indeed, devices like these are bizarre but some people are into fetishes like this. There is no need to shaming them for it since fetishes are natural.

IMPORTANT: Please use proper sex toys while trying this since the urethral wall is sensitive and inserting a foreign object which isn’t sanitized or properly designed can lead to infection and you may have to visit your local hospital’s ER.

NOTE: These toys come in different lengths and thicknesses for men. The reason is quite simple.Every guy has a penis that has a unique length and girth. This affects the diameter and depth of the urethra.

Must follow tips while doing it

Here are some must-follow tips that can help you a lot in case you are going to try it out.

Maintain hygiene

This is the first and the foremost thing. Remember, you are inserting a foreign object into an orifice of your body. Clean up your sounding rods before using them and if possible, disinfect them.

Lube is amust

If you insert something into your asshole, there might be some mucous which might help it somewhat to slide in but your urethra has no such natural lube to smooth things. Hence, using lube while doing urethral sounding is a must.

For women: you don’t need to go too deep

Yes. This is because the urethra in females is far shorter. But as males have a penis, their urethra is elongated. Be careful while buying your insertion rods if you are a woman since you won’t want to hurt yourself by using a male rod.

Don’t overdo it

The main purpose of the urethra in human is to pass urine and pass cum (in men). It by design isn’t made for putting up with a solid object to be inserted in it. Hence, refrain from trying it again and again in a short period.

Use rods that are of appropriate thickness

If you use a rod that is too thick, you will end up hurting yourself and who knows, it might result in some permanent damage or deformity. If you insert a very thin rod, then you won’t be able to stimulate those nerve endings to pleasure yourself.


                You now know about a fetish that isn’t that common amongst people but nevertheless exists. We are not asking you to try urethral sounding but if you are interested, then it is up to you. Remember to talk with your physician once if you have had some kind of urinary tract infection before in your life.

We also request you to follow the tips which we have mentioned since this isn’t like any other normal fetish. You are inserting something into a narrow tube of your body and hence, there is a considerable amount of risk which is involved.

If you have tried this before, then please do share what your experiences were like in the comments section. This will help other readers a lot since they are yet to try it. We wish you all luck and hopefully, you have learned something new today.

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